I am a third generation Los Angeles native and a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience in multi-family housing, residential, commercial and historic preservation. My career in architecture started in historic preservation in Los Angeles working for Brenda Levin. As an intern for Levin and Associates in high school, I learned to focus on detail and care about every design decision. I believe that strong design comes from an empathetic understanding of the surrounding built environment and the history that has governed its existence. I have watched Los Angeles re-define its urban content over and over again with little appreciation for its past. Having worked primarily in housing both residential and multi-family for the past 15 years, I am interested in the expression of history that design has on a small scale. Architecture in its grand form controls and dominates however at the residential and daily scale architecture should envelope and comfort.

My background is in fine art and photography. I received a BFA in photography from Art Center and focused on color theory in photography and photo journalistic documentation. I am interested in how people move through space and how space informs their movement. At UC Berkeley, I received a Masters in Architecture. My thesis studied the urban design of the street corner in Los Angeles and how the pedestrian and the automobile co-exist.

Since 2002, I have designed and built multi-family housing—market rate, low income-residential and senior living projects. I am LEED accredited since 2006 and have managed LEED projects. I see green building not as a bureaucracy to be be overdocumented but as a culture of design that should be incorporated intuitively at all levels of design and construction. Newmark Architecture opened in 2008.

My resume can be found here.